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Our faculty and students work side-by-side to overcome global challenges and answer the deepest intellectual questions.

A Premier Research College

The College of Sciences brings together hundreds of people from different fields coming together to tackle big problems in areas of health, energy, security and the environment. We’re also making great strides in discovery science that confronts the greatest intellectual questions of our time.

27 Winners of Faculty Early Career Awards Since 2016

These highly competitive awards from national agencies are among the most prestigious honors young faculty can receive.

Tackling Global Challenges

Our faculty and students engage with real problems, and they find real solutions that benefit society.

We’re harnessing our strengths in the quantitative biosciences to make new advances in health care. And as our planet changes, we’re developing more precise predictors of these complex Earth systems and projecting how the changing composition of life will affect human health, food production and other parts of society.

We’re also leveraging the power of big data — data sets that are massive in size and complexity — to help organizations from hospitals to major-league sports teams capitalize on this vast amount of information. And we’re creating a fertile environment for our researchers to make the kinds of disruptive discoveries that change everything.


Active research projects


Winners of highly competitive Faculty Early Career Awards since 2016

$43 Million

Annual research expenditures