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Student Opportunities

When students perform hands-on research, interact with other cultures and use the workplace as a classroom, they're gaining valuable experience that directly translates to the real world. The college offers a wealth of these experiential learning activities.

Students on a boat look at sea creatures they've just pulled in with a net

The Research Experience

Science isn’t limited to the classroom. It lives in the lab, in the field, and at home. Our undergraduates and graduate students work alongside faculty on many of the 400-plus research projects under way in the college right now. These projects help solve society’s most pressing problems and reshape our world. A sampling of what our students do:

  • Unlock the secrets of next-generation energy sources
  • Solve the mysteries of ancient exploding stars
  • Transform gels into human tissue through mathematical modeling
  • Improve hurricane and severe-storm prediction
  • Harness the power of big data to develop preventative health treatment plans customized for each person

Co-ops, Internships and Leadership Training

Many undergraduates get industry experience through internships and co-op experiences. Co-ops allow students to spend one semester working full-time for a top company and then resume classes the next semester, a format that helps make NC State a national leader in experiential education. The Career Development Center has additional information about co-ops, internships, and other opportunities for students looking to get hands-on experience.

For graduate students, the Preparing Future Leaders program offers a variety of resources for teaching and mentoring; personal and professional development; and engaging in responsible research conduct. Graduate coordinators in each of the college’s departments can also offer professional development guidance.

A female student makes the wolf ears sign while standing on a tree-lined sidewalk
Gwen Hopper shows her NC State pride outside her internship at LORD Corporation.

Study Abroad and International Experiences

Few experiences are as transformative for a student as study abroad. These programs broaden students’ worldviews and make them more competitive in the job market. The NC State Study Abroad office offers a wealth of opportunities for students, including information on Semester-at-Sea and international research experiences.

To get started, students should browse NC State’s database of study abroad programs, as well as study abroad deadlines and funding opportunities. Then, consult the transfer equivalencies database to learn what study abroad credits will transfer to NC State from the host institution.

Popular International Programs

NC State offers hundreds of Study Abroad options, but these programs are especially popular with Sciences students, both for their availability of quality science classes and their fascinating locations.

Specialty Housing

University Housing provides a variety of living and learning villages that allow students to live in a community of students with similar interests and passions. Villages offer additional social opportunities, mentoring and academic resources, providing a welcoming environment that helps students thrive.

Among the most popular villages for Sciences undergraduates is Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Village, which was created for freshman and sophomore women scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and engineers. Some Sciences students choose the EcoVillage, an interdisciplinary educational experience that prepares students for life-long sustainable living.

Graduate students live off-campus or in one of four on-campus apartment complexes that are either wholly or partially designated for graduate students: Wolf Ridge, Wolf Village, E.S. King Village and Western ManorUniversity Housing has more information.

Students working in conference room in WISE Village offices in Lee Hall
Students study together in the WISE Village.

Careers in the Sciences

Graduates in the sciences are in high demand, as many sectors of the 21st century job market need employees with scientific experience. Our student think analytically and are trained to develop and communicate creative solutions to big problems, preparing them for careers in pure science, mathematics, statistics, business, law, medicine, government, journalism or education.

The NC State Career Development Center offers resume tips, career mentoring and job and internship resources. More information about careers in specific fields: