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The College of Sciences makes NC State the university of choice for diverse, high-performing students, faculty and researchers from around the world who work together to solve society’s biggest problems.

Leading the Way in Science

The College of Sciences at NC State connects people and programs in the biological, physical, chemical, mathematical, statistical and earth-system sciences. Our college is where some of the brightest, most creative minds in science come together to tackle problems that affect us all. We recognize the value of a diverse academic community and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for learning and discovery.

We’re at the forefront of several growing areas of science — such as big data, bioinformatics, environmental health science, geospatial analytics and precision medicine — that examine the world’s grand challenges and teach students skills highly valued by employers.

Our faculty are award-winning innovators in their fields. And they’re training the next generation of scientists to lead the way in industry, laboratories, nonprofit research organizations, medicine, government agencies and numerous other workplaces.

See how Billy Fryer uses statistics to support NC State student-athletes.

Faculty Excellence

Our faculty conduct groundbreaking research, share their work with the public through outreach and communication, and garner national and international awards and honors — all while educating the next generation of science leaders.

Two faculty work at a laptop in a room with formulas written on whiteboards in the background

19 Elected Fellows

of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science

Connect With Us

Find out more information, including who we are, where we are, how you can join us and how to reach us.

See Yourself at NC State Sciences

When thrown, baseballs follow a curved path rather than a straight path. @ncstate_physics assistant teaching professor Kasey Wagoner explains why. ⚾️

Watch the full video through the link in our bio. 

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NC State Day of Giving calls on supporters to come together for our annual, daylong fundraising event to support the university. ❤️🤍

During last year's Day of Giving, the College of Sciences received more gifts than all but three of NC State’s 10 colleges. Join us March 20 in #GivingPack to the place we like to call our Wolfpack home. 🐺

Take a look at how College of Sciences students reaped the rewards last year through the link in our bio.
How can students learn through a “hands on” experience without actually having to be inside a lab itself? 🤔

Learn about a new method being used in organic chemistry labs to provide a virtual alternative through the link in our bio.
The two most extensively produced and studied families of PFAS chemical compounds, PFOA and PFOS, have had new manufacturing and use phased out in the U.S., but because they don’t break down easily, they can continue accumulating in the environment and in the human body.

In 2017, a team of researchers headed by epidemiologist Jane Hoppin launched the GenX Exposure Study, which revealed that some people in the Cape Fear River Basin have PFAS in their blood.

Learn how floating plant islands could help remove PFAS from waterways in the Cape Fear Basin through the link in bio.
Over the break, Biological Sciences student Sam Ainley-Zoll played the Cavalier in City Ballet Raleigh’s annual Nutcracker performance.

Ainley-Zoll danced with the Carolina Ballet for six seasons before attending NC State and will graduate in May with a B.S. in human biology.

Learn more about his background through bio.