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Two students talk while working on their laptops at a table in the Riddick Hall Hearth


The College of Sciences makes NC State the university of choice for diverse, high-performing students, faculty and researchers from around the world who work together to solve society’s biggest problems.

Leading the Way in Science

The College of Sciences at NC State connects people and programs in the biological, physical, chemical, mathematical, statistical and earth-system sciences. Our college is where some of the brightest, most creative minds in science come together to tackle problems that affect us all. We recognize the value of a diverse academic community and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for learning and discovery.

We’re at the forefront of several growing areas of science — such as big data, bioinformatics, environmental health science, geospatial analytics and personalized medicine — that examine the world’s grand challenges and teach students skills highly valued by employers.

Our faculty are award-winning innovators in their fields. And they’re training the next generation of scientists to lead the way in industry, laboratories, nonprofit research organizations, medicine, government agencies and numerous other workplaces.

Learn about Keilah Davis’s student experience in the College of Sciences.

Faculty Excellence

Our faculty conduct groundbreaking research, share their work with the public through outreach and communication, and garner national and international awards and honors — all while educating the next generation of science leaders.

Two faculty work at a laptop in a room with formulas written on whiteboards in the background

17 Elected Fellows

of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science

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The North Carolina Science Olympiad is a K-12 STEM program that elevates academic learning and competition to a level of enthusiasm and support normally reserved for athletics. Your support will help underserved students compete and provide needed supplies, including safety goggles and rocket launchers. Learn more about the #NCSOCrowdFund initiative at the link in our bio.
“Photoelastic Force Visualization” by Farnaz Fazelpour

Physics student Farnaz Fazelpour won first place in the Graduate Students and Postdocs Video & Interactive division of the Envisioning Research image contest.

Fazelpour adds, “The behavior of assemblies of grains can be very complex to describe. They are disordered at the grain level but behave like a solid or a fluid at the macroscopic level. One of the most promising recent advances has been the development of models that capture behavior of assemblies of grains without the need to provide detailed particle dynamics. We perform laboratory tests on idealized materials to test the efficacy of such models. The material we are using are photoelastic disks. Photoelastic material allows us to visualize, and quantitatively measure, what is usually invisible to our naked eye: internal forces. Particles that appear brighter and with more fringes are those experiencing large forces. Furthermore, photoelastic material allows us to observe the force evolution and distribution during material failure which helps us understand and maybe even predict natural disasters such as landslides.”

Visit the link in our bio to see more of the contest’s winning images.