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Academic Policies and Procedures

Schedule Revision Requests

Students can submit schedule revision requests through the Enrollment Wizard after appropriate deadlines have passed. Some schedule revision actions include adding, dropping, or swapping courses. All requests will be routed to the appropriate department, college, or university officials for review and approval.

MyPack Portal > Student Information System homepage > Planning & Enrollment tile > Enrollment Wizard menu item

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. Select the ‘Student Information System’ homepage
  3. Select the ‘Planning & Enrollment’ tile
  4. On the left-hand navigation bar, select ‘Enrollment Wizard’
  5. Select the appropriate Term from the dropdown menu

Students will be required to submit a Schedule Revision Request through the Enrollment Wizard for the following actions:

Some actions cannot be completed through MyPack and will require the use of the “paper” (PDF) schedule revision form. Please read the instructions carefully, including whether the Supplemental Data form needs to be completed and whether an explanatory memo should accompany your form. The form (fully completed and signed by your instructor, advisor, as appropriate) should be submitted through the Google Form at

Auditing a Class

Audit Form:

Students wishing to audit a class must obtain permission from their advisor and the department offering the class. Undergraduate students can use this form to:

  • Add a class to audit
  • Change the grading basis for a class to audit

If the change is made before the census date, this form goes directly to Registration and Records at

Any changes made after the census date for the term must have the approval of the associate dean of the student’s college.

All forms and requests requiring college-level approval (e.g. from the dean, associate dean, or the college academic office) should be submitted through the Google Form at

Study Abroad

Prior to departure, students must obtain and complete a Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval Form as instructed on the form.

  1. The undergraduate director/coordinator should approve all major courses and all general education courses by signing off after each section (see the gray box for GEP courses).
  2. NOTE: Please carefully search the transfer course database to determine transferability of courses taken abroad before seeking approval.
  3. Courses satisfying the requirements for an academic minor should be approved by the department that houses the minor.
  4. Signed forms should be submitted through the Google Form at

Upon the student’s return, the undergraduate director/coordinator should establish the course equivalencies for all courses not in the transfer database. The process should be observed for the Advanced Standing Certificate:

Academic Forms for Study Abroad

Course Substitutions for Courses Not Taken as Study Abroad Courses

For courses in the undergraduate major or minor, as well as general education requirements, the undergraduate director/coordinator has the authority and responsibility to make the substitution on the degree audit after evaluating how the learning outcomes in the course address the category objectives.

Grade Changes

Grade changes should be requested online by the instructor. In certain instances a paper form will be required. Note: Students should not handle the paper forms. Departments should submit the form using the Google Form at

Graduation Clearances and Minor Certifications for Undergraduate Students

The college-level graduation coordinator (205 Bureau of Mines) handles all graduation clearances of major degrees and minor certifications for undergraduate students in the College of Sciences.

  • The entire process is completed online. There is a deadline by which students must submit their applications in SIS. After that deadline, applications may only be submitted in SIS by the college coordinator and/or the graduation coordinator in the Department of Registration and Records.
  • Given the size of our undergraduate population, it is important that applications for graduation be approved in SIS by each department/program, in a timely manner. Every semester, including the first and second summer sessions, the college graduation coordinator will send a graduation schedule from Registration and Records to those in each department who are responsible for graduation clearance and coordination.

Undergraduate Reexamination Requests for Graduating Seniors

A reexamination in one course may be granted to a senior under the conditions outlined in the  Test and Examinations policy, REG.02.20.14 (7. Reexamination for Seniors, 7.1 – 7.3).

Formal Process:

  1. Senior Reexamination Request Forms are obtained in the Dean’s Office for Academic Affairs (205 Bureau of Mines) and eligibility for a reexamination must be determined and approved (signed) by the associate dean or designated official in the Office of Academic Affairs before the student can receive the form.
  2. Reexamination Request forms must then be approved (signed) by the course instructor and department head or designated official of the department offering the course before the examination can be given.
  3. The instructor or designated department official (not the student) will deliver the completed Reexamination Request Form indicating the new grade to the Department of Registration and Records to apply the grade change.

Informal Process:

  1. Contact the Academic Affairs Office to request a senior reexamination. The office will verify that the conditions for a reexamination are met.
  2. The Academic Affairs Office will contact the instructor/department to get their approval.
  3. The instructor and student will work together to schedule the reexamination process.
  4. The instructor or designated department official (not the student) will relay the outcome of the reexamination to the Academic Affairs Office and will enter the new grade using the grade change process in MyPack. The instructor will indicate that the grade change is the result of a senior reexamination. After receiving notice from the instructor, the Academic Affairs Office will process the student’s application to graduate, if appropriate.

Semester Withdrawals

The Office of Academic Affairs reviews and approves undergraduate student semester withdrawals (both retroactive and in-progress semesters) for the college.

  • For current semester withdrawals, students seeking a semester withdrawal should initiate the process through MyPack Portal.
  • For retroactive semester withdrawals, students seeking a withdrawal should initiate the process through the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center will contact the academic affairs office directly.
  • The associate dean will contact the relevant advisor and/or undergraduate director for further information. (Undergraduate directors may choose to solicit additional input from advisors or others before responding to the associate dean’s request for information.)
  • Please Note: An appointment must be scheduled if, during the withdrawal process, it becomes necessary to speak directly with the associate dean.

Curriculum Changes — CODA

All curriculum changes outside of CODA are handled in the Dean’s Office of Academic Affairs.

  • Please note that CODA (Change of Degree Application) is now the required and preferred process by which students must request curriculum changes.
  • The following curriculum changes can be made in the Office of Academic Affairs, only for curriculum that is part of the College of Sciences and only for students who are majoring in the College of Sciences:
    • Changing a Primary Plan/Subplan
    • Adding an Additional Plan/Subplan
    • Releasing/Discontinuing a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Plan/Subplan

Requests for other curriculum changes will be forwarded to the Department of Registration and Records for processing.

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges (CRC)

Students may take one course at a participating institution, providing:

  1. The course is taken at one of the following institutions: Meredith College, Shaw University, Saint Augustine’s University, Wake Technical Community College or William Peace University.
  2. Seats are available.
  3. The course is required for the student’s degree program.
  4. The course is not available at the home institution during the semester of the requested CRC registration.

The form must have the approval and signature of the academic adviser.

Signed forms should be submitted through the Google Form at

Inter-Institutional Approval Forms

Students may take one course at a participating institution, providing:

  1. Seats are available.
  2. The course is required for the student’s degree program.
  3. The course is not available at the home institution during the semester of the requested inter-institutional registration.
  4. Inter-Institutional courses may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.

The form must have the approval and signature of the academic advisor.

Signed forms should be submitted through the Google Form at

Readmissions Checklist for Contractual Readmission

Information about readmission process can be found here.

Academic Policies