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Ashley Arya

Administrative Support Assoc

Myisshia Baldwin

Administrative Support Specialist

Jamie Barber

Executive Assistant to the Dean

John Blondin

Senior Associate Dean for Administration

Alex Byrd

Associate Director of Alumni & Donor Relations

Debbie Carraway

Director of Information Technology

Wilma Daley

Foundation Business Coordinator

Nate DeGraff

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kathie Dello


State Climate Office

Lee Ann DeRita

Assistant Dean for Finance and Business Management

Yan Geng

Manager for Finance and Business Management

Meghan Kerr

Director of Research Administration

Daniel Lucio

Systems Programmer/Specialist

Maria Oliver-Hoyo

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Chemistry

Lewis Owen

Head of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Nikki Price

Assistant Dean for Culture, Talent, and Human Resources

Diana Roberts

Accounting Technician for Finance and Business Management

Christy Sadler

Assistant Director of Marketing Content

Jamila Simpson

Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, Student Diversity and Engagement

Mike Smith

Director of Undergraduate Enrollment