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Naming Opportunities

NC State’s Board of Trustees has approved a naming rights policy that provides opportunities for both corporations and individuals to help support the academic and research mission of the department through major gift support. Naming rights not only serve to recognize the legacy of the donor, but they also help grow our endowment, providing a valuable source in perpetuity.

Qualifying contributions will be recognized with the naming of areas of Bureau of Mines, including offices, conference rooms, common areas or the entire building. Flexible giving options are available, including multi-year pledges as well as combined outright and deferred gifts.

University guidelines require that a qualifying donation be allocated toward an unrestricted endowment that provides funding to support the College of Sciences and the ongoing upkeep and renovation of the named space or building.

Building Naming Opportunities

In spring 2021, the newly renovated Bureau of Mines building, located in the center of North Campus, became the new hub for the College of Sciences administration. Located in this space are the Dean’s Office, Academic Affairs, Advancement, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, and Marketing and Communications. This building offers naming rights to advance the college’s efforts in academics and research in a meaningful way.

If you are interested in naming the Bureau of Mines building, please contact the Sciences Advancement Office at or 919.515.3462.

Other naming opportunities (minimum gift values):

  • Entrance lobby: $500,000
  • Dean’s administrative area: $325,000
  • Dean’s office suite: $250,000
  • 2nd floor administrative suite: $200,000
  • 3rd floor administrative suite: $200,000
  • 3rd floor lobby: $25,000
  • Senior associate dean’s office: $25,000
  • Elevator: $25,000
  • Meeting rooms: $25,000

College and Departmental Naming Opportunities

Named College of Sciences

A gift to name the College of Sciences will build on the momentum created by bringing together the biological, physical and mathematical sciences into one comprehensive college.

  • Enables academic leaders to remain ahead of the curve, developing and supporting programs of research and teaching that address society’s needs
  • Creates professorships, graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships that attract scholars across the disciplines
  • Addresses needs all over the college through support for the biological, mathematical, statistical, chemical, physical and earth-system sciences
  • Allows the college to respond to new directions in industry and society that affect health and well-being, energy and the environment, and safety and security, making NC State a sought-after destination for top faculty and students

Named Academic Departments and Centers

Naming the college’s six academic departments will offer instant prestige and further establish NC State as a destination for top scholars.

  • Ensures the pre-eminence of the departments, and their contributions to the state and national economies, for generations to come
  • Allows departments to respond to emerging needs and opportunities by providing faculty and student support, curricula enrichments and increased opportunities for interdisciplinary research
  • Establishes professorships, graduate fellowships and scholarships that attract the best and brightest in their fields to NC State


For more information about naming opportunities, please contact the Sciences Advancement Office at or 919.515.3462.