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Strategic Planning

The college's new strategic plan and culture charter identify the shared vision, values and priorities that our community can use to move us forward.

A Collective Way Forward

The College of Sciences strategic plan and culture charter are designed to support leadership toward building a stronger and more collective future for the college. The planning process identified opportunities for the college to create unique value and greater equality of opportunity for its various internal and external stakeholders.

And given the adage that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” a number of existing challenges identified through the creation of the strategic plan can be improved if the college leadership and community members prioritize continuing to work together to define and animate the college’s culture and what makes it unique.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

By adhering to these principles, we can open the doors to science and build equity.

Biological sciences student Shilpa Giri smiles in front of a wall covered in issues of Technician

Our Mission

To provide an inclusive, world-class science education to our students, to catalyze scientific research and innovation that improve our world and our collective understanding, and to invite the people of North Carolina, the U.S.A., and the world, into our work as we become a local and global hub for open science. 

Our Vision

We are urgently expanding equity, public participation and discovery in science, so that anyone can contribute solutions to our world’s greatest challenges for a sustainable, data-driven and just future. 

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Justice

Our Strategic Priorities

Priority 1: Deepen Scientific Foundations

Let’s work together to develop robust and relevant foundational skills and research to advance scientific knowledge toward abetter future for all.

Priority 2: Elevate Support Infrastructure

Let’s invest in people and infrastructure that will empower excellence, inclusion and openness in research, teaching and community partnerships.

Priority 3: Advance Equity

Let’s nurture a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that values the experiences and perspectives of faculty, staff and students, and breaks down barriers to equity and equality of opportunity.

Priority 4: Open Up Science

Let’s empower the college to become a local and global hub for public participation in science to connect our entire community to scientific discovery and innovation in meaningful ways. 

The Planning Process

This plan comes out of the ideas of the 200+ participants and brings together the different perspectives of people in a variety of roles and positions in the College to knit us together toward a common vision. 

NC State Belltower

Our Progress

The college will use this space to periodically report on progress toward the priorities laid out in this plan. This will be informed in large part by members of our community, who can submit their activities and ideas that address plan priorities.