Holly Menninger speaks to graduate students about communicating their work to media.


Healthy societies understand science. We’re preparing a new generation of effective scientist-communicators, engaging the public to do real research, and bringing the wonders of science to K-12 students and teachers.

Driving Modern Decision-Making

Making informed choices on everything from buying light bulbs to vaccinating children requires a populace that can frame everyday decisions through the lens of science.

Enter the College of Sciences, which is cultivating science literacy through its groundbreaking efforts in public science. We’re empowering non-scientists to conduct their own research, work that turns homes into laboratories of discovery. We’re giving tens of thousands of North Carolina teachers and K-12 students new ways to teach and learn about science. And we’re building partnerships that spread our public science innovations throughout the state and nation.

Office of Public Science

Person getting face swabbed for mitesBuilding science literacy beyond the NC State campus is a first-order responsibility of the College. The Office of Public Science coordinates all aspects of the College’s public science efforts, including citizen science, or scientific research conducted by the public; K-12 and informal science education; science communication; and innovation in public science.

Citizen Science

We’re moving science from the lab to your backyard. The College has one of the nation’s premier programs doing what’s called “citizen science,” or engaging the public in gathering, analyzing and interpreting scientific data. Thousands of citizen scientists help us do this work. You can join them.

Woman holding rock

Your Wild Life

By getting non-scientists to study the world around them, researchers in NC State’s Your Wild Life Program aren’t just teaching science — they’re gaining access to millions of new pieces of data that could help them break new scientific ground. What is today an unknown microbe living on our bodies could one day be a key element of a disease-fighting drug.

This Is Your Science

The Science House

The Science House reaches thousands of K-12 students and teachers around the state each year, but it’s more than a typical outreach program. We host science camps, run the giant NC Science Olympiad, and help NC State faculty build science outreach into their grant proposals. This comprehensive system boosts science literacy and the trains the diverse STEM workforce of tomorrow.

Two students working on electronics

Imhotep Academy

Since 1992, The Science House’s Imhotep Academy has brought science to life for middle-school students from groups underrerpesented in the sciences. Through hands-on activities, lab work, field trips, and interactions with real scientists, the program introduces students to the exciting new ideas that can launch dynamic careers.

Creating Tomorrow's Scientists

State Climate Office of North Carolina

Climate records on map of North CarolinaThe State Climate Office of North Carolina provides climate-related services to North Carolina residents, businesses and local state and federal agencies and works closely with our Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Founded in 1976, the office serves the state’s public and private sectors through climate science extension, research, and education.

Partners in Outreach

Nature Research Center at NC Museum of Natural SciencesThe College is building partnerships that advance knowledge and improve the human condition across the state and around the world. Our partners communicate their work to a diverse audiences, helping to extend the College’s work beyond traditional academic spheres.