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Research permeates the college's culture, providing the foundation for an innovative learning environment that engages faculty and students. Join our team of cutting-edge researchers on work that boosts the economy, advances knowledge and improves the human condition.

Undergraduate Research

The College of Sciences is the institution of choice for undergraduates who want a research-rich sciences education. Our students do everything from unlocking the secrets of next-generation energy sources to solving the mysteries of ancient exploding stars.


Undergraduate program directors in each of the college’s academic departments can help students find research projects that fit their interests. Research resources are also available through the university and the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Lisa Parks
Biological Sciences Bachelor of Science

Jane Lubischer
Biological Sciences Bachelor of Arts

Betty Gardner

Jane Lubischer
Life Sciences First Year Program

Jonathan Olson

Jennifer Campbell

Jeremiah Feducia

Carrie Thomas

David Brown

Spencer Muse

Graduate Research

Graduate students are a huge part of the college’s research enterprise, working alongside faculty on society’s most pressing problems. Many of the college’s graduate programs are in interdisciplinary fields, offering students the chance to conduct research in emerging areas with many real-world applications.


Coordinators for each of our graduate programs can direct students to faculty and research projects that align with their interests.

Faculty and Postdocs

The College of Sciences boasts 37 faculty early career award winners since 2004 and 12 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This breadth and depth of research talent make the college the perfect place to conduct research as an early-career, experienced or visiting faculty member.

The college has hired several new faculty through the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hiring initiative, which is bringing in some of the world’s best and brightest minds to join our efforts to solve some of the globe’s most significant problems.

Industry and Entrepreneurship

Our researchers are building a culture of entrepreneurship that fuels economic development. That includes faculty who start companies and transfer their research to the marketplace and the public service sector. But it also means forging research partnerships with existing industry, collaborations that have the added benefit of creating more job and internship opportunities for students.

Joshua Pierce and student in chemistry lab

Building Partnerships

We're eager to work with industry to solve big problems that benefit society. Learn more about faculty interested in industry collaborations.

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