Faculty Awards and Honors

College of Sciences faculty are among the best and brightest in their fields, and it's not just us saying that. Our faculty are competing — and winning — against top researchers nationwide for the most prestigious awards and fellowships. Below is a select list of national honors received by our faculty.

National Academy of Sciences
2010       Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences
1998       David Aspnes, Physics

Wolf Prize
2016       Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences

Royal Society
2006       Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences

AAAS Fellows
2017       John Thomas, Physics
2016       John Blondin, Physics
2016       Anastasios A. Tsiatis, Statistics
2015       Alyson Wilson, Statistics
2014       Bruce Sherwood, Physics
2012       Harald Ade, Physics
2011       Jerry Bernholc, Physics
2010       H. Thomas Banks, Mathematics
2010       Robert Beichner, Physics
2006       Robert Anholt, Biological Sciences
2006       Marie Davidian, Statistics
2004       Steven Spiker, Biological Sciences
2003       Trudy Mackay, Biological Sciences
2002       David Aspnes, Physics

(Early Career Research Award)
2017       Richard Longland, Physics
2013       Carla Frohlich, Physics
2013       Dan Dougherty, Physics
2011       Jim Kneller, Physics
2002      Gail McLaughlin, Physics

Fulbright Scholar
2008       Ronald Fodor, MEAS

(Faculty Early Career Development Award)

2016       Nadia Singh, Biological Sciences
2016       Eric Laber, Statistics
2016       Rui Song, Statistics
2016       Lorena Bociu, Mathematics
2016       Elena Jakubikova, Chemistry
2015       Joshua Pierce, Chemistry
2015       Ana-Maria Staicu, Statistics
2013       Mark Hoefer, Mathematics
2012       Leslie Sombers, Chemistry
2012       Reza Ghiladi, Chemistry
2012       Gavin Williams, Chemistry
2012       Huixia “Judy” Wang, Statistics
2011       Yichao Wu, Statistics
2011       Daniel Dougherty, Physics
2010       Rob Dunn, Biological Sciences
2010       Elon Ison, Chemistry
2010       Seth Sullivant, Mathematics
2009       Anantha Aiyyer, MEAS
2009       Alex Deiters, Chemistry
2008       Demetrio Labate, Mathematics
2007       Paul Maggard, Chemistry
2007       Lin He, Chemistry
2007       Karen Daniels, Physics
2007       Hao “Helen” Zhang, Statistics
2005       H. Kristian Jenssen, Mathematics
2004       Yang Zhang, MEAS
2004       Agnes Szanto, Mathematics
2004       Subhashis Ghosal, Statistics
2004       M. Celeste Sagui, Physics
2004       Maria Oliver-Hoyo, Chemistry
2000       Daniel Feldheim, Chemistry

NSF American Competitiveness and Innovation Fellowship
2010       Jacqueline Krim, Physics

DARPA Young Faculty Award
2013       Jonathan Hauenstein, Mathematics

ONR Young Investigator Award
2013       Kenan Gundogdu, Physics

Packard Foundation Fellowship
2009       Seth Sullivant, Mathematics
2006       Mary Schweitzer, MEAS
2000       Daniel Feldheim, Chemistry
1991       Holden Thorp, Chemistry

(Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers)
2010       David Reif, Biological Sciences

Sloan Research Fellowship
2014       Jonathan Hauenstein, Mathematics
2004       Brent Gunnoe, Chemistry

This list includes fellowships and awards received by former faculty while at NC State. It does not include awards received at other institutions that are brought to NC State. The dean and associate dean for research have final approval on additions to this list. Please send suggested submissions or corrections to info@sciences.ncsu.edu.