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Spring 2021 graduates enjoy a photo session at the newly restored Memorial Belltower.

Graduating Is Just the Beginning

Two Sciences students reflect on their NC State journey — and look ahead to the future.

Faculty and staff in the College of Sciences have supported me every step of the way.

Mariah Wilder

Mariah Wilder

Class of 2021

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Meghan Kerr (left) and Ashley Ricks were two of seven members of the College of Sciences community, along with one student organization, who were recently recognized with 2021-22 NC State teaching, diversity and excellence awards. 🏆

Learn more about the other five members of the College of Sciences community who took home awards through the link in our story.
The most formative experience at NC State for recent graduate Loujain Al Samara '22 was the Alternative Service Break program. During the program, Loujain traveled to Hoonah, Alaska, to promote higher education while learning about Native Alaskan culture and the Tglinit people. 🏫 

Check out the link in our story to learn more about Loujain's full-circle experience during her last service break when she returned to Alaska — this time as a trip leader.