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Three students talk in the Brickyard.

Transforming the Sciences

The Integrative Sciences Initiative will promote interdisciplinary, hands-on learning and equip students with in-demand STEM skills.

Faculty and staff in the College of Sciences have supported me every step of the way.

Mariah Wilder

Mariah Wilder

Class of 2021

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This is an artist's interpretation of the species Ornithomimus based on a fossil specimen with preserved tail feathers and soft tissue. 🦤

A new fossil finding by postdoctoral research scholar Chinzorig Tsogtbaatar fills a "critical gap" in the known range and biodiversity of this type of dinosaur during the late Cretaceous (145 million to 66 million years ago).

Learn more about the two ostrich-like dinosaurs that sprinted through Mississippi about 85 million years ago through the link in our story.
The Plant Sciences Building on Centennial Campus features rooftop greenhouses and labs with scientists from three different colleges.

The Integrative Sciences Initiative and Building will change the way NC State does science by facilitating new synergies in research, education and application. 🏢

Learn how the legacy of excellence in interdisciplinarity and STEM will continue through the link in our story.