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Three students talk in the Brickyard.

Transforming the Sciences

The Integrative Sciences Initiative will promote interdisciplinary, hands-on learning and equip students with in-demand STEM skills.

Faculty and staff in the College of Sciences have supported me every step of the way.

Mariah Wilder

Mariah Wilder

Class of 2021

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Transfer Class of 2025 student Logan White was a professional ballet dancer pursuing a career in performing arts before she decided to pivot to physics. Growing up she had always wanted to be an astronaut, spending hours absorbing any space-related books or documentaries. 🚀🪐

Learn how she ended up rekindling that interest and pursuing a physics degree at @NCState through the link in our story.
This picture shows smoke from a Siberian wildfire that spread to parts of the Arctic Ocean and amplified a phytoplankton bloom. 🤔

@NCStateMEAS Assistant Professor Douglas Hamilton says a bloom that large would need a substantial influx of new nitrogen supply, as the Arctic Ocean is nitrogen-depleted. Hamilton is part of the team of researchers that’s investigating the bloom.

Learn what happened when the team turned its attention to atmospheric composition via a feature in @futuritynews through the link in our story.