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Virtual Lunches

Lunch on a plate

Many people use business lunches as a combination of social and work time.  They are helpful in establishing and maintaining relationships and provide an opportunity for informal information sharing that benefits everyone.

Now, we are being asked to engage in social distancing and to avoid large gatherings, but losing lunch opportunities is socially isolating and reduces opportunities to share information.

The solution?  Virtual Lunches.

Like a brown bag lunch, you provide your own meal.

Then, set up a calendar appointment in Google Calendar, and add conferencing using Hangouts Meet or Zoom (install the Zoom add-on for Google Calendar first)  at lunchtime.

You can have a 1:1 or a group lunch without trying to figure out where to go or dealing with awkwardness around split checks. Plus, you can try out videoconferencing in a friendly environment!

Bonus: if you spill something, you can blank your video temporarily while you clean up.