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Sciences Social Email List

Sometimes you may wish to share information via email that is not directly work-related. The Sciences social email list is a good place to do so.

What To Share

This group is intended to provide a friendly forum for sharing social events and information of interest to a large group of fellow College of Sciences employees. Some examples:

  • Invitations to participate in a community service activity (remember that permanent employees are entitled to paid community service leave)
  • Invitations to shared meals, potlucks or community events
  • News and information related to NC State, the UNC system, or higher education
  • Fundraising for student groups or charitable causes the employee is directly involved in (such as asking coworkers to sponsor them a race)
  • Occasionally offering personally-owned items for trade or giveaway
  • Sharing information about GoFundMe or similar campaigns benefiting an employee, student, or their family

Unacceptable Use

These things are not acceptable on the social list and may result in being removed from the group or further action:

  • Harassing, intimidating, bullying, or otherwise non-collegial discussions or statements
  • Political discussions, political fundraising, or any other activity prohibited under POL 05.00.04Political Activities
  • Private sales or commercial activities prohibited under REG 08.00.02 Computer User Regulation
  • Activities designed to promote religious beliefs, consistent with State Human Resources Manual policy on community service leave
    • Activities sponsored by religious institutions are OK if they are not designed to promote religious beliefs
  • Chain emails
  • Abuse of the list