Standard Operating Procedures

The College of Sciences Standard Operating Procedures establishes a framework and sets standards that guide how we should conduct ourselves as faculty, staff and members of the broader NC State community. It is a resource for interpreting the variety of situations that can occur in the workplace. These include how we perform our jobs, make decisions, interact with one another and manage the business operations of our College.

The Dean’s executive assistant maintains the consistency of this manual. Information on how to create a procedure for this website can be found here. Please use our standard template for your new procedure; the template is available in Word and PDF formats.

College OfficeSOP NumberDescriptionLast Revised
Dean's OfficeDOC.01.00Procedures for Submitting COS Standard Operating Procedures12/11/15
Finance and Business ManagementBO.01.03Additional Compensation Requests for Summer Salary3/16/19
Human ResourcesHR.01.01Recruitment and Hiring of Students and Temporary Workers10/18/18
Human ResourcesHR.02.00Offer Letter and Change Notification Memo Process4/10/17
Dean's OfficeDO.01.00Pride of the Wolfpack Award7/18/17
Dean's OfficeDO.02.00Awards for Excellence7/18/17
Research OfficeCRO.01.01COS Sponsored Award / Contract & Grant Closeout2/20/18
Human ResourcesHR.02.02Offer Letter and Change Notification Memo Process4/2/18
Human ResourcesHR.03.00Flat Rates2/1/18
Human ResourcesHR.04.00Recruitment and Search Committee Best Practices10/17/18
Human ResourcesHR.05.00Retirement and Phased Retirement10/29/18
Dean's OfficeDOC.03.00Alcohol Permission Rule and Additional Guidelines02/12/19
Finance and Business ManagementBO.02.00Leadership Team Salary Release Funds02/20/19
Finance and Business ManagementBO.03.00Request for Financial Support02/20/19
Finance and Business ManagementBO.04.00Additional Compensation Summer Salary Changes to Actions04/03/19
Research OfficeCRO.02.00COS C&G Salary Action Approval04/02/19