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Sciences Spot Award

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What is a Sciences Spot Award?

Sciences Spot Awards allow any member of the Sciences community to recognize the contributions of another person or team with a printable certificate that can optionally be shared with the recipient’s department or unit. Awards do not require review by a committee or supervisor and can be printed or saved immediately.

Who can I recognize?

You can recognize anyone with a Sciences Spot Award – faculty, staff, students, collaborators.

What can I recognize them for?

Anything work-related, big or small. Some examples:

  • Outstanding collaboration on challenging project
  • Compassionate approach to student problems
  • Insightful reasoning on a scientific question
  • Friendly customer service
  • Making today pleasant for everyone
  • Managing up successfully
  • Anything else that fits into 110 characters

You can be serious or lighthearted when you describe the reason for recognition.

How will the recipient learn about the award?

You will print or save the award certificate and deliver it to the recipient.

Can I recognize a team?

Yes. You can either list a team name for the recipient’s name and print out multiple copies of the certificate, or create multiple individual certificates and include the team name in the reason for the award (this would allow the department to get notifications of each person’s award.)

Who else will know about the award?

COS HR receives a notification of all awards.

You can choose whether you would also like to share it with the recipient’s department or unit if they are in the College of Sciences.

Sharing is encouraged, but if you are being lighthearted or would otherwise prefer not to share, that is OK.

If the recipient is in another college or administrative unit, or even outside the university, you should consider forwarding a copy of the award to that person’s supervisor. COS HR will still receive a notification of the award.

Will an award be considered in the recipient’s performance review or rating?

At the manager’s discretion, the award may or may not be considered in the recipient’s performance review or rating.

How do I create an award?

Fill out the form below. After you submit, you will see the certificate. Print or save the certificate, and deliver it to the recipient.