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Remote Work Checklist

This checklist is intended to help you prepare to work remotely for an extended period. Sciences IT can provide consulting for your specific needs, as well as assistance with purchasing, and licensing, and hardware recommendations. Contact us at

Log In

  • Log in at least once on your computer before you leave campus


You should have and know how to use:

  • Google shared drive and Google group for your team
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Cisco Jabber soft phone
  • Chrome browser
  • Zoom
  • Duo Authenticator app installed and configured on your mobile device for both Duo and Google accounts
  • Google Backup and Sync, if necessary
  • Docusign, if you must send and receive documents with binding signatures
  • Any other required software installed and configured before leaving campus


  • Desktop computer, all-in-one, or laptop with docking station
  • External monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Charger for your laptop, if applicable
  • Scanner, if necessary
  • Printer, if necessary
  • Locked file box, if you must store confidential files
  • Shredder, if you must print confidential documents
  • Webcam, if one is not included on your computer already
  • Headset with microphone for use with videoconferencing and phone
  • Yubikey, if you have one
  • Optionally, a wifi hotspot to provide internet access over a cellular network

Home Use Authorization

  • Complete form and have it signed by your supervisor & placed in your personnel file for all equipment you are taking home
  • Keep a PDF copy in your Google Drive


You will need to have important information readily available to you, including:

  • Google backup codes printed out
  • Know how to take a screen shot and attach it to an email message
  • Instructions for remotely accessing your office computer (if absolutely necessary), including your computer’s name and IP address
  • Contact information for your supervisor and coworkers (cell/home phone, alternate email)
  • The NC State Help Desk’s phone number (919-515-HELP/919-515-4357)
  • Science IT’s support email address (
  • COS Human Resources email address (
Approval and workload

Home environment

  • Broadband internet connection at home
  • An ergonomic chair and desk or table space
  • Good lighting
  • An appropriate location to make/receive phone and video calls

Leaving the office behind

You don’t know when you might be told not to return, so plan accordingly.

  • Take your plants and fish home now (or any other living things)
  • Do not leave anything in the refrigerator that can spoil – empty the refrigerator daily
  • Take home any photos or personal items you’d like to have with you