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Adobe Creative Cloud: Approving Requests

Departmental business officer approval is required
NC State College of Sciences

DBO Approval Required

Departmental business officers (DBOs) must approve all Adobe Creative Cloud license requests.

Charges to Departments

The COS Office of Finance & Business will charge the department’s 2-account for all approved Adobe Creative Cloud licenses.

Adobe Creative Cloud licenses require a commitment to pay a recurring annual fee for the duration of the license term (through FY25). Licenses cannot be cancelled during the license term, although they may be reassigned to another employee.

If the department chooses to distribute the charges internally, they may do so. The request form has an optional field for the requester to provide project IDs or other information required by the department.

How to Approve or Deny a Request

Receiving an Approval Request

When someone completes the Adobe Creative Cloud Request Form, the DBO will receive an email with a spreadsheet attachment. The first tab has information for the DBO to review.

Reviewing the Request Spreadsheet

License requests may either be single or multiple.

  • If a license request is for a single person or computer, all of the information about the request is included on the first tab of the spreadsheet.
  • If the license request is for multiple people or computers, you will see a link to an external spreadsheet with the details of each request. You will need to open the external spreadsheet to see the requests.

You should review the requests to confirm:

  1. That the department is willing to be charged for the license(s)
  2. That any information required by the department has been provided

Approving a Request

If the department approves the request, forward the original request email including the spreadsheet attachment to with the comment “approved”.

For multiple license orders, you do not need to attach the external spreadsheet.

Denying a Request

If a request is denied, forward the original request email with the spreadsheet attachment to the person who submitted the form (their email is on the first tab of the spreadsheet) and let them know.


If a request must be denied, please see Adobe Creative Cloud: Licensing Options for Students and Ineligible Employees for alternatives.