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Adobe Creative Cloud: Info Needed

Information needed to request a license under the university agreement

Required Information

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Department to be billed
  • Name and email address of the license user or the person responsible* for a shared computer
  • Type of computer (laptop, desktop, or tablet)
  • The COS, Math or CRSC Asset Tag number for the university computers that will have the software installed

*Responsible person for a lab is the PI, not a postdoc or student.

Computers without Asset Tags

For computers missing an Asset Tag, you will also need to provide the following information.


Manufacturer of the computer (Apple, Dell, Lenovo, etc.)

Serial Number

Operating System Version

How to find the operating system version

WindowsPress the Windows Logo key and R together
Then type winver and press enter.
You will see the operating system name (like Windows 10). Look in the text to determine if it is the Home, Pro, Education or Enterprise edition.
macOSGo to the Apple menu and choose About My Mac
You will see the operating system name (like macOS Monterey) . The version number is shown underneath (like 12.15.1)

Building and Room Number

Computer typeLocation Information
DesktopCampus building and room number where computer is located
Laptop or TabletLicense user’s or responsible person’s campus office building and room number
Permanent non-NC State locationPhysical address

Department Specific Information

If your department distributes charges internally, it may require you to provide a Project ID number or other information. Check with your departmental business officer.