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Adobe Creative Cloud: Submitting Multiple License Orders

Request multiple licenses at once using templates
NC State College of Sciences


You may wish to order multiple Adobe Creative Cloud licenses under the university Adobe agreement.

Rather than completing the request form multiple times, you can submit a spreadsheet with the required information.

You must understand the eligibility requirements prior to completing the template. You will be required to affirm that you have confirmed the eligibility of the people or computers you are requesting licenses for.

See eligibility requirements in the Costs section here: Adobe Creative Cloud License Request.


There are detailed instructions for correctly completing the spreadsheet on the first tab. You should read all of the instructions at least once. Incorrect, unusable or missing information will delay your entire order.

Sciences – Named User order template
Sciences – Shared Device order template
Information needed to complete templates

How to submit your completed spreadsheet

You will use the Sciences – Creative Cloud Request Form to submit your spreadsheet.

Open the Request Form

  1. Go to the Sciences – Creative Cloud Request Form
  2. Select your Department or Unit
  3. Under License requested: choose the appropriate Submit spreadsheet from template: option.
License requested question. Shows the last 2 options surrounded by a red box to draw attention to them. They say "Submit spreadsheet from template: Named User Licenses (multiple)" and "Submit spreadsheet from template: Shared Device Licenses (multiple)"

Add Your Spreadsheet

Note: This example shows “Named User” but the process is exactly the same for “Shared Device” licenses.

  1. Under “Add your completed spreadsheet (named user licenses)” click the Add File icon.
Shows "Add your completed spreadsheet (named user licenses)" with a red asterisk indicating it is a required field. There is a button with an upward facing arrow to the left and blue text on a white background that says "Add file"

Option 1: Select a Google Sheet

If your data is in a Google Sheet, under Insert File choose My Drive and then select your spreadsheet.

Shows the Insert files window with My Drive select and shown in bold. In The word "adobe" has been entered in the search bar. The corresponding Google Sheet is shown beneath the search bar.

Then navigate to your Google Sheet, click on it to select it, and then click the blue Select button.

Shows the blue Select button and the grey Cancel button

This will submit a copy of your Google Sheet.

If you edit your Google Sheet after submission, your changes will not be reflected in your submission – we will never see them.

If you need to make changes, you will need to submit a new sheet.

Option 2: Upload an Excel File

If your data is in an Excel file, under Insert File choose Upload.

Then, click the “Select files from your device” button, navigate to your spreadsheet, and click Open

(You can also drag and drop your file in that window.)

Finalize your submission

Enter your first and last name, and note that you have confirmed the eligibility of the people or computers in your spreadsheet.

Finally, click Submit.