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College Email Lists and Google Groups

Google groups and email lists provided by the College of Sciences should only be used for necessary professional communications about college business and college-sponsored activities. Non-work related communications should be directed to the Sciences Social Email List.

Mass communication

As a matter of principle, send email to the smallest number of people necessary to reach the required audience.

  • Avoid sending information to the Sciences faculty, staff, postdocs, and student lists unless you need to communicate important information to the entire college or to a large portion of it
  • Use departmental email lists to target particular departments

College-wide email lists

College-wide email lists may only be used for announcements from the College leadership team.

  • Authority to post to those lists is limited to the Dean, associate deans and assistant deans, the director of marketing and communications, and the director of IT
  • Access to post is limited to these individuals, their executive and administrative assistants, and IT staff who can help in an emergency
  • These lists include sciences-faculty, sciences-staff, sciences-postdocs, sciences-gradstudents, and sciences-undergraduates
    • These lists are automatically maintained using ListMinder and are based on Peoplesoft HR and SIS data
    • Individuals whose primary college or departmental affiliation in Peoplesoft is not in the College of Sciences will not be automatically added to these lists, and will need to be added by hand. Send email to for assistance and include the person’s Unity ID

Examples of appropriate use:

  • Announcements about opportunities for funding academic and professional activities
  • Academic and professional awards received by members of the College of Sciences community
  • College-sponsored or endorsed events and activities
  • Information about College meetings
  • Greetings from the Dean

Examples of inappropriate use:

  • Posting messages not approved by an individual with the authority to post as described above
  • Announcement about activities not sponsored or endorsed by the College
  • Fundraising solicitations unless approved ahead of time by Advancement
  • Informal social activities such as office potlucks or holiday celebrations unless sponsored or endorsed by the College
  • Information that does not apply to the whole college or a large portion of the members of the email list
  • Political discussions, political fundraising, or any other activity prohibited under POL 05.00.04 – Political Activities
  • Private sales or commercial activities prohibited under REG 08.00.02 Computer User Regulation
  • Activities or information designed to promote religious beliefs, consistent with State Human Resources Manual policy on community service leave

Departmental email lists

  • Lists maintained by departments may be used according the department’s own procedures in accordance with university policy
  • Lists maintained by the College of Sciences may be used by college administration, department heads, and their designees under the same guidelines as college-wide email lists

Social communications

Use the Sciences Social Email List for non-work related communications

Requesting automatically maintained email lists, Google Groups, and traditional email lists

  • You can request a new Google Group or email list by sending an email to
  • Automatically maintained email lists can be created based on certain information in the Peoplesoft HR or SIS systems

Related PRRs

REG 08.00.02 – Computer Use Regulation governs mass email communication. When these lists are used for their intended purposes, it is not considered broadcast email and is permissible.