Cox 105/110 Active Learning Classrooms (SCALE-UP)

The Cox 105 and 110 Active Learning classrooms are configured to support active learning using the SCALE-UP model. Each classroom includes round tables seating nine students, with 5 MacBook Pro laptop computers per table. Apple TV displays are provided for each table and surround the room. The instructor’s workstation includes a MacBook Pro laptop, a document camera, and a screen that controls the displays in the room.


These rooms may be scheduled for courses by contacting Dana Derosier in the College of Sciences Academic Affairs office.


Cox 105

  • 11 tables
  • 5 MacBook Pros per table
  • 55-inch Samsung Apple TV displays
  • Microphones on each table
  • Document camera
  • Instructor laptop

Cox 110

  • 9 tables
  • 5 MacBook Pros per table
  • 55-inch Samsung Apple TV displays
  • Microphones on each table
  • Document camera
  • Instructor laptop

Computer specifications

MacBook Pros with 16 GB RAM (running Mac OS X, Catalina)


The software applications and versions that are available in the classrooms for Fall 2019 can be found here.


On-site support for the computers and audiovisual equipment in these classrooms is available Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM.

Problems with the classrooms should be reported to Sciences IT via email to

Food and Drink Policies


The College is not funded to replace equipment damaged by spills. A new MacBook Pro costs more than $1,000 and the microphones on the tables cost $500 to replace. In addition, we do not have funds to pay for the additional housekeeping that would be required to clean up food from the classrooms on a daily basis to prevent pests or odors.

Faculty are expected to enforce the food and drink policies in their classes. Usually, a gentle reminder is all that is necessary.


Food is not permitted in the rooms.

Exception: if food items are used for teaching purposes rather than consumption (e.g., weighing raisins or counting Cheerios), this is permitted with common-sense cleanup.


Drinks are strongly discouraged in the rooms.

We are testing a policy that drinks with well-fitting lids are permitted, such as commercial water bottles and travel coffee mugs.

Drinks without well-fitting lids are not permitted, such as canned soft drinks or paper/Styrofoam cups, even with lids, because when knocked over these lids typically do not prevent or limit a spill.


Those teaching in the rooms are responsible for ensuring that their students or workshop attendees do not leave the room in disarray for the next class. Any spills must be cleaned up prior to the next class.

Damage to equipment

Any damaged equipment should be immediately reported to so that we can address it.