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A Look Back at 2019

Revisit some memorable moments from an extraordinary year of learning and discovery.

Students practice dredging for plankton off a pier at CMAST in Morehead City

Spacewalks. Ocean exploration. Record-breaking giving. And those cute puppy dog eyes.

All of these made 2019 a memorable year for the College of Sciences. Take a look back.

MVPs in Their Fields

Statisticians and data analysts are becoming indispensable to collegiate and professional sports teams looking to gain that extra edge. We profiled five students and alumni in statistics and mathematics whose work with data have contributed to their organizations’ success.

Loud and Clear From the International Space Station

In March, physics alumna and NASA astronaut Christina Koch blasted off for her first mission to the International Space Station. NC State and hundreds of K-12 students from across North Carolina connected with her a few months later on a live video feed to ask questions about life in space. The event also featured interactive activities and demonstrations throughout Talley Student Union.

Watch a recap of the downlink event.

New Kids on the Bricks

In August, we welcomed more than 750 new students into our College of Sciences family. They’re among the more than 6,000 new faces from all over the world who are bringing their unique experiences and passions to the Wolfpack family. And for the first time, NC State’s female enrollment exceeds male enrollment.


56% in Top Tenth of Their High School Class

1341 Average SAT Score

4.34 Average Weighted GPA

Inside the National Hurricane Center

Michael Brennan, a three-time alumnus of the Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, is branch chief of the Hurricane Specialist Unit at the National Hurricane Center in Miami. He took a few minutes to tell us about working at hurricane headquarters.

Happy 150th, Periodic Table!

Disorientation: A Science Poem

Katie Mack wants to make us dizzy. The theoretical cosmologist, assistant professor of physics and science communication superstar penned a poetic ode to the vastness of the universe that made us all ponder our place in the cosmos.

Watch a video version of “Disorientation.”

Extra, Extra

All eyes were on our research in 2019, with major media outlets around the world picking up news of our scientists’ important work. The New York Times, National Geographic, Time, The Washington Post and NBC News were just a few of the outlets covering our scientists’ findings and seeking their expert opinions.

Campus at the Coast

This summer, we hit the road to follow a group of students learning in an unconventional classroom — Bogue Sound. The students, enrolled in a marine science field course at NC State’s Center for Marine Sciences and Technology, spent four weeks engaging in hands-on research and learning in everything from coastal erosion to biological diversity.

Three people gather samples in knee-deep sound water behind the CMAST building

Science Soulmates

Have you ever wondered which legendary scientist would be your perfect lab partner? Take (or retake) our fun Valentine’s-Day-themed quiz to find out!

A Zero-Gravity Laboratory

Giving Pack

On March 27, NC State celebrated its first Day of Giving — a 24-hour fundraising event that brought the Wolfpack community together to raise $13.5 million — including $723,000 for the College of Sciences — for the university’s Think and Do the Extraordinary campaign. These funds helped support scholarships, professorships and programs throughout the college.

$1.62 Billion

Raised toward the university’s $1.6 billion campaign goal, which was exceeded two years early

5 Distinguished Professorships

Awarded to College of Sciences faculty in 2019

Fighting Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Working with a team of researchers across NC State, chemist Reza Ghiladi and microbiologist Frank Scholle found that an elastic polymer has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, meaning it can kill a range of viruses and drug-resistant bacteria in just minutes — including deadly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), rabies and influenza.

Puppy Love