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Author: Christy Sadler

The Solomon Scholars pose with Mr. and Ms. Wuf in Reynolds Coliseum

May 27, 2020

College Honors 2020 Solomon Scholar Graduates

Meet four extraordinary students who received support from the college's signature undergraduate scholarship program. 

May 20, 2020

Universities Overcome Bumps in Transitions to Online Teaching

Physics Today
Similarly, Karen Daniels of North Carolina State University says she’d be comfortable teaching remotely for a day or so if she leaves town to attend a conference. But, she says, “even if we have found replacements for all the parts of a normal face-to-face class, it’s not the same. We are not delivering what we need to.” 

May 14, 2020

Tropical Storm Arthur Could Develop Off the East Coast This Weekend — 2 Weeks Before Hurricane Season Starts

Forecasters call for a well-above average season this year, with a forecast from North Carolina State University calling for up to 22 named storms, which would be the second-most ever seen in one season. 

Zoe Lindsey-Mills and Rob Smart talk in his lab

May 14, 2020

Center for Human Health and the Environment Receives $7.6M Funding Renewal

The NIEHS will continue to fund the center's work to understand how human health is impacted by environmental factors for another five years. 

May 11, 2020

1,000 Coronavirus Particles Can Infect You. Here’s How to Avoid Hitting That Threshold.

“Anytime you’re close to somebody, you’re increasing the risk of spreading that,” said Frank Scholle, a virologist at North Carolina State University. Scholle said he feels comfortable keeping a distance outside. The research, so far, shows that simply walking past someone in a park, or even a store, is a fairly low-risk scenario. 

May 7, 2020

Welcome to a ‘Real World’ Turned Upside-Down. NC College Grads Are Scared, but Excited.

News & Observer
Two 2020 College of Sciences graduates share their feelings about graduating in this uncertain time. 

Natalie Truby in graduation robe, holding up wolf hands

May 7, 2020

Leadership, From the Lab to the Legislature

In her time at NC State, graduating senior microbiology major Natalie Truby has made her mark on campus and for ride-share users across North Carolina. 

NC State University sign

May 4, 2020

College Honors 2019-20 LeRoy and Elva Martin Award Recipients

Two College of Sciences faculty have been honored with awards for teaching excellence. 

May 2, 2020

Fluids Only Get So Runny as Physicists Put a Universal Lower Limit on Viscosity

Thomas Schäfer of North Carolina State University in the US says that the pair’s formula might be a good estimate for what he calls “typical fluids”. But he reckons that assumptions about length being on the scale of the Bohr radius and time being tied to the Debye frequency may not always hold true. In ultra-cold Fermi gases, he says, such as laser-cooled atoms of lithium or potassium, the length and time scales “are quite different”. 

NC State Belltower lit red

Apr 23, 2020

Sciences Faculty and Staff Receive 2019-20 University Honors

Six members of the College of Sciences community were recently recognized with 2019-20 NC State teaching and excellence awards.