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From the Departments

Catch up on the latest news from our academic departments.

Alex Tiddy

Biological Sciences

A new study from faculty member Ann Ross and a collaborator found that forensics researchers use terms related to ancestry and race in inconsistent ways and called for the discipline to adopt a new approach to better account for both the fluidity of populations and how historical events have shaped our skeletal characteristics.

New research led by graduate student Matthew Jenkins shows that Bahamian mosquitofish have adapted quickly in specific ways to human-driven change and cautions that environmental restoration projects should account for these changes to avoid damaging the populations.


Chemistry faculty Joshua Pierce and Gavin Williams received a National Institutes of Health grant to support training of students in the Chemistry of Life program, which centers on the interface of chemistry and life sciences.

Professor Maria Oliver-Hoyo and Teaching Professor Laura Sremaniak were named fellows of the American Chemical Society.

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

In the wake of a significant volcanic eruption in Iceland, volcanologist Arianna Soldati answered some questions about what lava flow is like.

A new video profiles 2021 meteorology graduate Alex Tiddy, who describes how she explored the field’s many possibilities through hands-on learning opportunities while she was at NC State.


The department is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the accomplishments of a group of Hispanic and Latinx mathematicians.

Math faculty members talked about how they pioneered campus use of WeBWork, an open-source, no-cost online math and science homework system.


A study led by researchers in faculty member Lex Kemper’s lab developed a new method that helps quantum computers measure the thermodynamic properties of systems by calculating the zeros of the partition function, which describes the statistical properties of a system in thermodynamic equilibrium.

A team co-led by graduate student Gamze Findik found that a commonly studied perovskite can superfluoresce at temperatures that are practical to achieve and at timescales long enough to make it potentially useful in quantum computing applications.


At NC State, Michael Evans, a recent undergraduate and current graduate student in statistics, discovered passions for data and entrepreneurship, leading him to co-found a successful coffee shop that employs individuals with disabilities.

Faculty member Emily Griffith collaborated on a set of 10 free videos to serve as practical instructional resources for educators who teach statistical collaboration, consulting or communication.

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