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A Catalyst student poses with a professor.

Jan 19, 2022

Creating an Inclusive STEM Workforce: Q&A About Catalyst’s Internship Program

Joann Blumenfeld shares how Catalyst creates opportunities in STEM for students with disabilities through hands-on learning and support. 

three images capture beetle larvae at various stages of jumping; a fourth image shows the trajectory of a larva's leap

Jan 19, 2022

Scientists Find Previously Unknown Jumping Behavior in Insects

Faculty member Adrian Smith co-authored a paper on a newly discovered jumping behavior in insect larvae. 

a human skull rests on a glossy black surface in front of a black background

Jan 4, 2022

Forensic Researchers Call for Proactive Efforts to Address Racism

Forensic researchers are calling for the research community to address systemic racism in the sciences. 

Martha Burford Reiskind

Jan 3, 2022

Evolutionary Biologist Burford Reiskind Receives Faculty Diversity External Mentoring Endowment

Faculty member Martha Burford Reiskind received the award for her groundbreaking diversity and inclusion work. 

The James Webb Space Telescope.

Dec 23, 2021

James Webb Space Telescope: Q&A With Astrophysicist Bordoloi

Rongmon Bordoloi, an observational astrophysicist and assistant professor at NC State, discusses the impact of the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Jack Featherstone

Dec 17, 2021

Featherstone Receives Richard L. Blanton Outstanding Capstone Award

Physics major Jack Featherstone won the fall 2021 Richard L. Blanton Outstanding Capstone Award. 

icebergs in water

Dec 17, 2021

Time Lag Between Intervention and Actual CO2 Decrease Could Still Lead to Climate Tipping Point

A lag between intervention and CO2 decrease could have ramifications for climate change. 

Dali Sun

Dec 1, 2021

Physicist Sun Receives NSF CAREER Award

Dali Sun, an assistant professor in the physics department, received an Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation. 

SCO research technician Myleigh Neill works to recalibrate a rain gauge at a weather tower/weather station off Lake Wheeler Road.

Nov 29, 2021

Climate in Context

The State Climate Office of North Carolina, a unit of the College of Sciences, helps the state’s residents understand how weather and climate affect them. 

The main ballroom for the Research Symposium

Nov 24, 2021

Students Shine at College’s Inaugural Research Symposium

Graudate students and postdoctoral researchers shared their research on various health challenges at the symposium.