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From the Departments

Catch up on the latest news from our academic departments.

Two students sit together in a study space at the Natural Resources Library

Biological Sciences

In an exposure study, Professor Jane Hoppin and a team of researchers found that elevated levels of PFAS were linked to higher total cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol in participants’ blood.

Scott Belcher, associate professor, found that alligators in the Cape Fear River had elevated levels of 14 different PFAS chemicals in their blood serum, as well as indicators of immune system effects.


Wei-chen Chang, associate professor, was part of a team of researchers that found that substrate-bound iron 2-oxoglutarate (Fe/2OG) enzymes likely use cations rather than oxygen-addition to drive desaturation during catalysis. 

Lucian Lucia, associate faculty member, was among a group of individuals selected to carry out a presidential symposium on the advancements of polymer recycling technologies at the American Chemical Society meeting this fall.

Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Explore the newly renovated Natural Resources Library in Jordan Hall, which provides spaces for individual study and collaboration for marine, earth and atmospheric sciences students, faculty and staff. 

Distinguished Professor Sandra Yuter and other researchers developed a new way for meteorologists to predict snowfall from winter storms.


In honor of Universal Human Rights Month, the department recognized the accomplishments of mathematicians who were also human rights activists.

Distinguished University Professor Ralph Smith gave a talk during the inaugural Triangle Computational and Applied Mathematics Symposium, which the department hosted from Sept. 17-18.


Goodnight Scholar Logan White, a former professional ballerina, explains why she pivoted from performing arts to physics.

Wesley O. Doggett Distinguished Professor Thomas Schaefer discussed how private funding from the professorship has given him flexibility with his research on quantum chromodynamics.


Maksim Nikiforov has leveraged his graduate certificate in applied statistics and data management to advance his career.

Shubhajit Sen, a doctoral candidate, won the Best Student Poster Award at the Southern Regional Council on Statistics Summer Research Conference.