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Catch up on the latest news from our six academic departments.

Planet Earth

Biological Sciences

Postdoctoral research scholar Elizabeth Jones’ new book, “Ancient DNA: The Making of a Celebrity Science,” explores the history, people and projects involved in investigating the ancient world and the creatures that inhabited it. 

Associate Professor Reade Roberts looked at an African cichlid to understand the impacts of two sets of sex chromosomes on a species.


Associate Professor Erin Baker won the 2022 ASMS Biemann Medal for her work in the development and application of IMS-MS technologies. 

Ben Cipriano, a junior chemistry major, has been named the first recipient of the Matthew W. Boudreau Undergraduate Summer Research Award, which provides financial support to an undergraduate chemistry major with plans to pursue a doctorate in chemistry upon graduation. 

Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Paula Marques Figueiredo, a postdoctoral research assistant in the department, discussed the significance of the 2020 Sparta, North Carolina, earthquake.

Professor Lian Xie, postdoctoral researcher Xia Sun and graduate student Luke Friedman have predicted an active Atlantic hurricane season in 2022.


DELTA Faculty Fellow Bevin Maultsby, a teaching associate professor the department, is creating a more immersive online learning environment at NC State, most recently by participating in a trial for Yellowdig, an online forum for students. 

The Master of Science in Financial Mathematics program was recognized as one of the top 25 quantitative financial master’s programs globally.


Professor Kenan Gundogdu explains his new research on why some perovskites exhibit superfluorescence at high temperatures. 

Distinguished University Professor Gail McLaughlin is among the ten faculty members who will be inducted into the Research Leadership Academy.


Statistics student Ayden Hochstein won third place in the “Student Awards: ‘Do'” category of the 2022 eGames, which is NC State’s largest annual startup competition. 

Joseph Oliveira, a recent graduate of the online Master of Statistics program, shares how his new degree is helping him stand out in the data science industry.

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