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From the Departments

Catch up on the latest news from our academic departments


Biological Sciences

Heather Patisaul was part of a consortium that recently published research identifying ortho-phthalates as neurotoxic chemicals that increase children’s risks for learning, attention and behavioral disorders.

Terry Gates described a rare skull from a Parasaurolophus dinosaur with an exceptionally well-preserved crest that he helped discover.

Parasaurolophus skull
P. cyrtocristatus skull. Image: Terry Gates.


Graduate student Bram Frohock won first place in NC State’s annual Three Minute Thesis competition for his presentation on combating disease-causing bacterial biofilms.

NC State’s Chemistry of Life program has received a 2021 Beckman Scholars Program award, which offers research experiences for exceptionally talented full-time undergraduate students in chemical and life science fields.

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

The soundscapes of coral reef ecosystems can recover quickly from severe weather events such as hurricanes, according to new research.

Researchers found that extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and increased precipitation, affect both the amount and the composition of tiny estuarial phytoplankton.


The National Science Foundation has funded a Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics to engage students in interdisciplinary projects.

Two teams of undergraduates won honorable mentions for their poster presentations at the 2021 Joint Mathematics Meetings.


Lex Kemper explained his research on using lasers to describe how atoms in quantum materials rearrange themselves during phase transitions.

Researchers have developed an analytical measurement framework that could help organic solar cell researchers and manufacturers determine which materials will produce the most stable solar cells.


Amstat News recognized Donald Martin on its list of 10 Black/African American scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of statistics.

Eric Chi talked to Futurum about his Data Scientists in Training outreach program for teenagers and how he uses mathematical concepts to extract information from complex data sets.

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