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Chemist Muddiman Receives 2023 D.F. Hunt Proteomics Award

The NC State Belltower on a fall day. Photo by Marc Hall

NC State researchers are continuously committed to excellence; for instance, David Muddiman, Jacob and Betty Belin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, was selected as the winner of the 2023 Donald F. Hunt Distinguished Contribution in Proteomics Award. His contribution to the field of proteomics made him worthy of this prestigious award. Subsequently, Muddiman will be honored and awarded a plenary lecture at the US HUPO 2023 Conference in Chicago, Illinois, March 4-8, 2023, at The Drake Hotel.

The image displays Professor David Muddiman's headshot. He is wearing a grey suit.
David Muddiman, Jacob and Betty Belin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.

This award recognizes a focused or singular achievement in the field of proteomics. It is fully supported by the Journal of Proteome Research (JPR) and was established to recognize Prof. Donald F. Hunt’s significant contribution to the field of proteomics. Prof. Hunt was honored as the first recipient of this award which now bears his name.

This post was originally published in Department of Chemistry.

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