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Funding Opportunities for International, Underrepresented Minority and Disabled Students in STEM

NC State has committed to increase diversity in the STEM fields and the College of Sciences is at the forefront of that effort.  There are many opportunities for funding trainees from underrepresented groups, and their projects.  For help with these or any other opportunities contact the COS Preaward Team.

  • NIH has a roadmap to increase diversity in STEM fields.
  • To help recruit and retain minority students in science please consider writing a diversity supplement for your NIH or NSF grants.
  • NIH: Graduate students and postdocs can apply for an individual NRSA Fellowship to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research.
  • Johns Hopkins keeps an updated list of graduate fellowship opportunities for all students.  Read the list on their website.
  • Opportunities for international students can be found in this searchable database.
  • Opportunities for minority students can be found in this searchable database.
  • NC State graduate student fellowships are here.

Other Opportunities for Underrepresented Groups in STEM:

STEM Scholarships for Minority Students

Hispanic STEM Scholarships

African American STEM Scholarships

Native American STEM Scholarships

LGBTQ STEM Scholarships