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Why I Give (and Why I Would Like You to Give): Aimee Tattersall

Aimee Tattersall and scholarship holder Kayla Faulk
Alumna and donor Aimee Tattersall, right, who created the Friends Community College Transfer Scholarship, chatted with scholarship holder Kayla Faulk at the 2017 Donor Recognition Dinner.

In 2010, College of Sciences alumna Aimee Tattersall created the Friends Community College Transfer Scholarship, which is aimed at students who have received an associate’s degree from a North Carolina community college. We spoke with her about her motivations for starting the scholarship, and what she hopes it will become. Tattersall has served two terms as a member of the college’s Alumni Advisory Board.

Q:  Tell me a bit about yourself and your time at NC State.

A:  In 1972, I started school here at NC State as transfer student hoping to study math. I had to drop out for personal reasons, but eventually re-enrolled and finally graduated in 1984 with a degree in mathematics. I’ve always been incredibly grateful to NC State for welcoming me back and giving me a second chance. After graduation, I worked at IBM. Then, after I retired, I decided to come back here and do a master’s in math education.

Q:  What was your motivation for starting this scholarship?

A:  My motivation was to give students the opportunity to go on to college with a boost. I wanted to give them not only a boost to finish NC State without debt, but also to gain and retain a connection to the university. Because I taught in community college, I saw students from community colleges who were really committed and wanted to help them.

Q:  Why is this scholarship meaningful to you?

A:  It is meaningful to me because I know I have been able to make a difference in someone’s life. My goal is to help students have the experience that I had at NC State. I really enjoy the College of Sciences donor dinner, which each year connects me with students I have helped.

Q:  What do you hope students get out of this scholarship?

A:  The scholarship has helped interest some of the recipients in attending graduate school, partly because they will leave NC State more or less debt-free.  Students have worked and volunteered while going to school here. I would like to have more students receive this scholarship, and I’d be honored if others wanted to contribute to this fund.

Q:  What would you want to say to donors who want to give to this fund?

A:  The students who come in through the community college system have worked hard to get here. It is a joy beyond belief to help someone to afford to do that. This scholarship has gone to students from different community colleges. Community colleges across the state are working very hard to prepare their students for the next step in life. It is an honor to help students make that transition to NC State.

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