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The Ultimate College of Sciences Knowledge Quiz

College of Sciences banner outside SAS Hall on NC State's campus

Which two Sciences subjects were among the first courses offered by the university when it opened in 1889?

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Chemistry and mathematics. The first faculty consisted of six professors who offered courses in agriculture, horticulture, pure and agricultural chemistry, English and bookkeeping, and mathematics and practical mechanics. Additionally, President Holladay served as professor of history.

The founder of NC State’s Department of Experimental Statistics represented a first for the university in what way?

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The first woman to head an academic department at NC State was renowned statistician Gertrude Cox, who founded the department in 1940.

Which of these is an academic department in the college?

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The Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences is one of the college's six departments; the others are the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.

What’s the name of the K-12 outreach arm of the college?

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The Science House offers resources, programs and teaching materials to help educators across the state advance STEM education. It also houses the N.C. Science Olympiad program.

The college’s newest academic building, which is home to the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics, is named what?

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SAS Hall was completed in 2009 and named for the successful analytics software company that spun out of the Department of Statistics in the 1970s.

Which state office is a part of the college?

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The State Climate Office of North Carolina moved to NC State in 1980 and is housed on Centennial Campus. Its mission is to provide climate-related services to the state, local and federal agencies; businesses; and citizens of North Carolina.

The Ultimate College of Sciences Knowledge Quiz
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