Marine science

Jul 24, 2019  |  Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Campus at the Coast

Learn about the college's marine science education, research and outreach at NC State's Center for Marine Sciences and Technology.

Jul 16, 2019  |  Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

What Can Researchers Learn by Eavesdropping on Fish?

Researchers are learning how fish use oyster reefs by using underwater acoustic surveys.

Mar 28, 2019

The Final Frontier: Deep-Ocean Discoveries and 21st Century Challenges

Join us for a lecture on deep-ocean discoveries and sustainability by Lisa Levin.

Mar 26, 2019  |  Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Student Spotlight: Leveraging Interdisciplinary Experiences

Since joining NC State as a Park Scholar, Hannah Cooper ’21 has been making the most of every opportunity that comes her way.

Jun 27, 2018  |  Honors and Awards

Oceanographer He Named Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor

The professorship was made possible by a gift from longtime NC State supporters Jim and Ann Goodnight.

May 23, 2018  |  Research and Innovation

How Frequent Hurricanes Change Estuarial Ecosystems

An NC State researcher explains how increased hurricane frequency can lead to increased algal blooms, fish kills and dead zones in estuaries.

Feb 28, 2018  |  Research and Innovation

Researchers Create More Complete Picture of Freshwater Toxic Algal Blooms

A two-year study of North Carolina’s Jordan Lake found that multiple cyanotoxins from toxic algal blooms are present year-round, albeit in very low concentrations.

Nov 8, 2017  |  Research and Innovation

“Space” Invader: Invasive Marine Fouling Species Crowds Out Natives

An invasive species of tunicate known as Clavelina oblonga crowds out and overgrows other marine fouling species and reduces biodiversity.

May 16, 2016  |  Research and Innovation

Dust, Pollution and Decreasing Oxygen in the Tropical Pacific

For the past several decades, researchers have been tracking the decline in dissolved oxygen in the tropical Pacific Ocean. A new theory may provide part of the explanation – air pollution.

Jan 14, 2016  |  Research and Innovation

Oh, Snap! What Shrimp Sound Patterns Tell Us About Reef Ecosystems

The noisemaking habits of snapping shrimp can tell us a lot about the health of reef environments.