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Simpson Named College’s First Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence

Jamila Simpson at the college's Diversity in STEM Symposium

Jamila Simpson has been named the college’s first assistant dean for inclusive excellence, effective December 1. Simpson has been working on student diversity initiatives for much of her career, and in this new leadership role she will expand her reach to faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars in the college. 

Working in partnership with college leadership, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, the Graduate School, and the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, Simpson will be responsible for developing, guiding, leading, supporting, and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies and programs throughout the college. This type of senior-level DEI position exists at most other colleges at NC State, and by adding it the College of Sciences aims to galvanize its community toward shared diversity-centered goals.

Simpson will remain a key part of the college’s Leadership Team and will report directly to Dean Chris McGahan.

Simpson is deeply connected to NC State’s DEI history, initiatives and infrastructure. She was the first African-American woman to receive a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from NC State. She then obtained her master’s and Ph.D. in science education, also from NC State.

In her recent work as assistant dean for academic programs, student diversity and engagement, she has enhanced the recruitment, retention and graduation of diverse students traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. She has also led the charge in creating inclusive spaces for diverse populations in science fields through initiatives like the Diversity in STEM Symposium.