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From the Departments

Catch up on the latest news from our six academic departments.

icebergs in water

Biological Sciences

New research from Associate Professor Michael Cowley and others supports the hypothesis that imprinted genes play important roles in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and could lead to the development of preventative treatments. 

Professor Ann Ross coauthored a paper calling for the research community to address long standing issues regarding the way the remains of Black people are collected, displayed and studied. 


Graduate student Kaylie Kirkwood, Associate Professor Erin Baker and others used pine needles to trace the evolution of PFAS in central and eastern North Carolina over a 50-year period. 

Jun Ohata, an assistant professor, won a 2022 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award for up-and-coming researchers worldwide.

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

The North Carolina State Climate Office’s Kathie Dello, Sheila Saia and John McGuire were part of a team that developed ShellCast, an online application for predicting temporary shellfish lease closures.

Distinguished Professor Sandra Yuter is using Cold War-era planes to learn more about winter storms that threaten the Atlantic Coast.


Mohammad Farazmand, an assistant professor, found that a time lag between human intervention and CO2 decrease could still have ramifications for climate change. 

A group of alumni is working with NC State Global to establish an endowed scholarship for international students in honor of the late mathematics professor Chia Ven Pao. 

Chia Ven Pao


Observational astrophysicist Rongmon Bordoloi discussed the impact of the James Webb Space Telescope before its launch. 

Undergraduate student Jack Featherstone won the fall 2021 Richard L. Blanton Outstanding Capstone Award for his contributions to research in the astrophysics community. 


Emily Griffith, an associate research professor, works with her students to help faculty members across campus analyze their data

Lecturer Dan Harris completed the Master of Statistics online program before starting his second career as an instructor.