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Student Success

College Recognizes Graduating Students for Outstanding Achievements

Four graduating students received awards for their outstanding achievements. 

The NC State Memorial Belltower

On May 4, the College of Sciences held the annual Senior Recognition Event to honor graduating students with outstanding achievements. Four students were recognized for their accomplishments in academics, research and community engagement.

Ava Besecker holds up her plaque for the Yusor Abu-Salha Award for Outstanding Community Engagement

Ava Besecker, a marine, earth and atmospheric sciences graduate, won the Yusor Abu-Salha Award for Outstanding Community Engagement for her accomplishments in the realm of service. 

Molly Carlson holds up her plaque for the Outstanding Transfer Student award

Molly Carlson, a biological sciences graduate, won the Outstanding Transfer Student Award in recognition of the significant impact she made during her time at NC State. The award honors a graduation senior who has demonstrated outstanding engagement with the NC State or local community, scholarship or leadership.  

Yvonne Hall holds up her plaque for the Outstanding Research award

Yvonne “Eve” Hall, a chemistry graduate, won the award for Outstanding Research, which recognizes a student who has added significantly to the body of knowledge in their research discipline. 

Galen Wilcox holds up his plaque for the Outstanding Scholarship Award

Galen Wilcox, a mathematics and aerospace engineering graduate, was recognized with the Outstanding Scholarship award for his extraordinary academic engagement. 

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  1. I’m so proud of Ava
    She has worked really hard for this award.I know her future holds much more for her in these fields.