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College Exceeds Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign Goal

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The College of Sciences has surpassed its $60 million goal for NC State’s Think and Do the Extraordinary campaign more than 18 months of schedule.

As of May 31, the college had raised more than $62.3 million during the campaign, including funding for 61 new scholarships and fellowships and 13 new professorships. These funds have supported the campaign priorities of creating extraordinary opportunity, purpose and experiences for students and faculty throughout the college through funding for current operations, facilities and endowment.

Katelyn Kiser, a rising junior in biological sciences and a recipient of the Collins-Presnell Family Scholarship that was established during the campaign, said this scholarship support has enriched her education.

“The scholarship has allowed me to focus my efforts on learning without the additional stress of figuring out where money for housing, textbooks and meals would come from,” Kiser said. “It’s given me the freedom to participate in activities such as Alternative Service Breaks to the Dominican Republic and Washington, D.C., and undergraduate research under the mentorship of my scholarship donor, Sharon Presnell.”

More than 5,200 supporters donated to the college during the campaign, including more than 4,000 new donors to the college. Nearly half of the funds raised came from college alumni, and more than a third of the college’s total has been raised through planned gifts.

“Thanks to our generous donors and dedicated volunteer leaders we were able to reach our ambitious campaign goal and, more importantly, have been able to fund life-changing opportunities for our students and faculty,” said Brock Matthews, the college’s assistant dean for advancement.

The record-breaking Think and Do the Extraordinary campaign launched in October 2016 and is set to conclude at the end of 2021. NC State surpassed its overall goal of $1.6 billion in November 2019, more than two years ahead of schedule.

Even though the college has reached its financial goal in the campaign, significant need for programs and initiatives that support students and faculty remains.

“It is so gratifying to see our alumni and friends unite to support our entire Sciences community, including our incredible students,” said Sciences Dean Chris McGahan. “This campaign has been transformative for our young college and the next generation of scientists, and our success paves the way for even greater achievements.”

How You’ve Helped

Your gifts to the college have helped make the extraordinary possible.

  • 61 scholarships and fellowships created
  • 13 professorships created
  • 90 endowments created
  • 168 major gifts
  • 62 planned gifts
  • 5,255 donors
  • 4,016 first-time donors to the college