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Honors and Awards

Chemist Oliver-Hoyo Wins American Chemical Society Award

A headshot of Maria Oliver-Hoyo
Maria Oliver-Hoyo
A headshot of a smiling lady
Dr. Maria Oliver Hoyo
Professor of Chemistry
NC State University

The ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry, sponsored by the ACS Exams Institute, was awarded to our department’s very own Maria Oliver-Hoyo. She will be honored at the awards ceremony on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, in conjunction with the ACS Spring 2023 meeting in Indianapolis.

Dr. Oliver-Hoyo writes, “This award is a real honor for me as former recipients have had big groups of graduate students over the years. In my case, I have graduated only 9 PhDs which speak loudly about the relevance and significance of their contributions to the CER (Chemistry Education Research) field. I will honor their work at the celebratory events coming up in March.”

Dr. Oliver-Hoyo’s area of expertise is designing and developing chemistry instruction resources. In her research group, they focus on visualizing chemical phenomena from various angles, including promoting spatial-perceptual skills, pedagogies to effectively build knowledge integration, development of representational competency, and using manipulatives/models to facilitate conceptual understanding.

This post was originally published in Department of Chemistry.