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2003 Distinguished Alumna: Christine Hemrick

The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences recently honored Christine Hemrick as its 2003 Distinguished Alumna.

Hemrick received a BS in Mathematics in 1974 and graduated summa cum laude. She is vice president for technology policy and consulting engineering for Cisco Systems, Inc. Before joining Cisco, she held technology positions at Bellcore, GTE Telenet, and Digital Equipment Corporation. Hemrick also served as a Senior Staff member at the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Hemrick’s expertise is in great demand. She was appointed by U.S. President Bill Clinton to co-chair the Presidential Advisory Committee on Expanding Training Opportunities, and she served for four years as a member of the Technological Advisory Council to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

She also is an avid conservationist and serves as a trustee of the African Wildlife Foundation and the Cheetah Conservation Fund, USA.

Recognized as a leading expert in information and communications technologies, Hemrick is highly sought by organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank as an international conference presenter. She often speaks on the challenges of helping least-developed nations build information technology resources, and the importance of recruiting more women into science and technology careers.

“These are important discussions, and ones that will surely affect the technology, business and education policies of many nations for years to come, potentially impacting the lives of billions of people,” said Dean Daniel L. Solomon. “We are very proud that one of our NC State alumni has such an influential role in improving the human condition.”

During her visit to campus for the Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Awards Luncheon and the College awards dinner, Hemrick met with a group of participants in the Women in Science and Engineering Program. She shared with the students some personal perspective on career direction, communications skills and educational opportunity. The group also discussed at length Hemrick’s interests in the environment, and the preservation of natural habitat by preserving indigenous cultures.

“Whether she’s speaking to a group of students gathered in a dormitory activity room, or addressing a gathering of world leaders at a United Nations conference, Christine uses her technical knowledge, her leadership skills, and her social conscience to make positive differences – both big and small,” Solomon said. “We can ask no greater achievement of our graduates than this.”