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The Science House, NC State Climate Office Develop K-12 Educational Resources

NC State gateway at sunset

The Science House and the North Carolina State Climate Office (SCO) recently combined their respective expertise in curriculum development and climate content to revamp the SCO’s online educational resources. Together, they developed classroom-ready lessons for North Carolina K-12 schools.

The lessons follow the engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate lesson plan model — known as “5E” — and are connected to North Carolina’s science curriculum standards. The activities touch on topics ranging from the seasons and global climate patterns to measuring the weather and exploring local climatic changes.

“Climate and weather impact almost every facet of our lives,” said Kathie Dello, the director of the SCO. “Our partnership with The Science House has helped us provide hands-on learning experiences to deepen students’ understanding of the ways in which climate and weather affect their day-to-day lives, as well as society as a whole.”

Another partnership grew out of this collaboration, as the SCO is now also working with the NC Cooperative Extension and 4-H in Carteret County to adapt the new lessons into ‘weather kits’ for fifth grade classrooms to support weather units. The kits will launch in 2022 and evaluations will help refine future kits and explore expansion opportunities to other parts of the state. The Science House will be part of the extension and outreach efforts of the kit expansion.

“The Science House is excited to take part in these collaborations,” said Jason Painter, the director of The Science House. “They embody our commitment to providing hands-on discovery to motivate and prepare K-12 students to work in STEM fields.”

The Science House empowers scientific literacy and hands-on discovery by providing K-12 teachers and students across the state with resources, programs and teaching materials. The SCO — one the largest and most active state climate offices in the U.S.— provides climate-related services to North Carolina’s businesses and citizens, as well as state, local and federal agencies.