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Ready. Set. Launch!

It was raining on the morning of July 1. More like a downpour, really.

So drenched students and faculty welcomed what they saw upon arrival to several early-morning Sciences classes: Tables filled with coffee, doughnuts and T-shirts.

The welcome events created a celebratory mood for the first official classes for the new College. In addition to coffee and doughnuts, members of the College leadership team gave away Sciences T-shirts, cups, magnets and other items. The events were held in Jordan Hall, Dabney Hall, SAS Hall, David Clark Labs, Thomas Hall and Riddick Hall.

Later, Sciences faculty and staff celebrated the College’s launch at a lunch at Mitch’s Tavern on Hillsborough Street.

The July 1 events capped a busy year of planning for the new college, which includes the biological, physical, chemical, mathematical, statistical and earth system sciences. It was created to enhance collaborative opportunities for students and faculty, as well as to bring NC State in line with national best practices for the alignment of related physical and biological science departments.

“The launch of our new College is an extraordinary moment in NC State’s history,” Dr. Dan Solomon, dean of the College, wrote to faculty and staff before the July 1 events. “I greatly appreciate everyone’s hard work in making this transition possible and look forward to celebrating with you.”

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