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NC State Offers New Climate Adaptation Graduate Certificate

A graduate certificate in climate adaptation has recently been approved by NC State’s Administrative Board.

The certificate consists of 12 credit hours and is a great choice for professionals who need a versatile option to further develop their knowledge of climate adaptation. Coursework focuses on the fundamentals of climate science, enhancing climate literacy, spatial analysis and assessing climate-sensitive threats.

All of the coursework will be offered online and is tailored to meet the needs of students from a variety of academic backgrounds. Prospective students are not required to have taken prior coursework in STEM-related disciplines.

Frederick Semazzi of the department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences is the program director and also oversees the Climate Change & Society Professional Science master’s degree. Students who complete the Climate Adaptation certificate have the option to apply the credits toward the Climate Change & Society degree.

More information about the certificate can be found at

Alexa Wood
Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Jordan Hall