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Test Your Hurricane Knowledge

A satellite image of Hurricane Florence approaching the East Coast of the United States. Image courtesy of NOAA.

What is the strongest recorded hurricane in terms of wind speed ever to make landfall in North Carolina?

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Hurricane Hazel made landfall along the North Carolina and South Carolina border as a Category 4 storm on October 15, 1954, with wind estimates in some places reaching 150 miles per hour.

At what sustained wind speed is a hurricane classified as major?

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The National Hurricane Center classifies a hurricane as major when it reaches Category 3 status with one-minute sustained wind speeds of 111 mph.

In the Northern Hemisphere, which quadrant of a hurricane’s eye wall area is generally considered to be the most destructive?

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The front right quadrant, sometimes referred to as the “dirty side,” is usually the most destructive area of a storm in the Northern Hemisphere. This is generally where the strongest wind speeds are found because the forward movement of the counterclockwise-spinning hurricane contributes to its wind intensity.

When does Atlantic hurricane season end?

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Hurricane season ends on November 30 in the Atlantic Ocean. It begins on June 1. While hurricanes and tropical storms can form at other times, they are most common between these dates.

During which hurricane did NC State and Notre Dame play a rain-drenched, mud-ridden game to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Carter-Finley Stadium?

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Matthew. On Oct. 6, 2016, as Hurricane Matthew bore down on the Triangle, the Wolfpack endured several inches of rain and a 30-minute lightning delay to beat Notre Dame 10-3.

Test your Hurricane Knowledge

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