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Four Faculty Honored With Professorships

Memorial Belltower

Four faculty members in the College of Sciences were recently honored with distinguished professorships for excellence in research and service.

Chemist Joshua Pierce was named the Howard J. Schaeffer Distinguished Professor. Pierce, who is also the executive director of NC State’s Integrative Sciences Initiative, focuses on synthesizing complex natural products that may provide the foundation for a new generation of therapeutic agents and tools to study biology.

Mathematician Ilse C.F. Ipsen was honored with a professorship of distinction in recognition of her outstanding scholarly work, service contributions and student mentoring. Ipsen’s research centers on the theoretical, algorithmic and stochastic aspects of numerical linear algebra, with the goal of advancing computational methods.

Chemist Wei-chen Chang was named the Thomas Lord, LORD Corporation Distinguished Scholar. Chang’s research incorporates bioorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry and enzymology to tackle challenges in the field of metalloenzyme catalysis.

Chemist Yi Xiao was named the Hugh C. Lord, LORD Corporation Distinguished Scholar. She works on applications of biosensors and biotechnologies at the interface of chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology.