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Mar 6, 2024

Understanding Wind and Water at the Equator Key to More Accurate Future Climate Projections

Getting the winds right is key to accurately model Pacific Ocean warming.

The Pacific Ocean

Mar 5, 2024

Using Stats to Protect Oceans

Shu Yang and Brian Reich use statistics to determine whether conservation efforts are working.

drugs on a table

Mar 5, 2024

DNA Aptamer Drug Sensors Can Instantly Detect Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl – Even When Combined With Other Drugs

Chemist Yi Xiao and a team of researchers developed high-performance DNA aptamer sensors that can detect trace amounts of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine — even in mixtures.


Feb 15, 2024

Show Us Your Research, NC State!

Envisioning Research, the university’s annual research image contest, is accepting submissions until June 17.

water drips from faucet

Jan 10, 2024

Nafion byproduct 2 Found in Blood of Well Users Near Fayetteville, N.C.

NC State researchers detected PFAS in well water in Bladen and Cumberland counties.

Dead tree in dry landscape

Dec 8, 2023

What Can 66-Million-Year-Old Carbon Dioxide Data Tell Us About Our Future Climate?

The last time Earth had CO2 levels comparable to current ones was 14 million years ago.

The milky way galaxy

Dec 7, 2023

Ancient Stars Made Extraordinarily Heavy Elements

How heavy can an element be? Ancient stars were capable of producing elements heavier than any element on the periodic table found naturally on Earth.

NC State gateway at sunset

Nov 28, 2023

Understanding Charged Particles Helps Physicists Simulate Element Creation in Stars

Figuring out how nucleons interact at low energy can lead to understanding how elements form within stars.

Dinos in the woods

Nov 7, 2023

Dig This: ‘Neglected’ Dinosaur Had Super Senses

The thescelosaurus neglectus dinosaur may have been a wallflower, but a CT scan of its skull reveals some hidden superpowers.

Memorial Belltower

Oct 23, 2023

Using AI to Solve Fundamental Issues in Nuclear Physics

A new collaboration aims to solve the nuclear many-body problem.