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Year: 2019

Dec 28, 2019

NC Astronaut Breaks Record for Longest Single Spaceflight by a Woman

NC State alumni, Christina Koch breaks record for the longest continuous stay in space by a woman at 328 days. 

Dec 28, 2019

US Astronaut Sets Record for Longest Spaceflight by a Woman

Associated Press
A U.S. astronaut and NC State alumna set a record Saturday for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, breaking the old mark of 288 days with about two months left in her mission. 

Dec 28, 2019

NASA Astronaut’s Advice on Pursuing Your Dreams

In this video interview, physics alumna Christina Koch speaks to CNN about breaking the record for longest single spaceflight by a woman. 

Paul Byrne, associate professor of planetary science, talks about planets of Star Wars

Dec 19, 2019

How Real Are the Star Wars Planets?

Planetary scientist Paul Byrne answers questions about some of the most popular planets in the Star Wars galaxy. 

Chelsea Ross

Dec 19, 2019

Online Statistics Graduate Correlates Academic and Professional Success

Chelsea Ross, who is graduating in December with a Master of Statistics degree from NC State Online, has applied her coursework to her position as a full-time data scientist. 

Dec 18, 2019

Lava-Filled Blocks on Venus May Indicate Geological Activity
Paul Byrne, a planetary geologist at North Carolina State University who presented the new research, and his colleagues used radar images of Venus’s surface from the Magellan mission between 1990 and 1994 to view these structures from a global perspective. Doing so revealed a new pattern: these mountain ridges and grabens converge to isolate blocks of flat, low-lying plains of cooled lava along the planet’s poles, something never noticed before. 

Bartram's Scrub Hairstreak

Dec 18, 2019

Study: Human Management Helps Rare Plants, Butterflies Survive Hurricane

Managing habitats can help prevent hurricane-driven extinctions of rare butterflies. 

Caloris Basin on Mercury

Dec 16, 2019

Mercury’s Volcanic Activity — or Lack of It — Could Help Us Find Other Earth-like Worlds

Planetary geologist Paul Byrne's research on how volcanic activity changes rocky planets over time can help us identify other planets similar to Earth. 

Alyson Wilson

Dec 13, 2019

Alyson Wilson Named Associate Vice Chancellor

Alyson Wilson of the Department of Statistics has been appointed associate vice chancellor for national security and special research initiatives. 

Bird sits on top of the wolf statues outside Murphy Football Center

Dec 13, 2019

Make Your 2019 Year-End Gift to the College

2019 is winding down, but donors still have time to make a year-end gift to the College of Sciences.