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climate change

SCO research technician Myleigh Neill works to recalibrate a rain gauge at a weather tower/weather station off Lake Wheeler Road.

Nov 29, 2021

Climate in Context

The State Climate Office of North Carolina, a unit of the College of Sciences, helps the state’s residents understand how weather and climate affect them. 

a person is engaged in a video conference with several other people who are pictured on the screen of a laptop

Sep 29, 2021

How (And Why) to Emphasize Listening in Effective Climate Communications

Karl Dudman, a visiting Fulbright scholar in the North Carolina State Climate Office, offers tips for communicating about climate change. 

NC State gateway at sunset

Sep 22, 2021

Grant Will Fund Climate Resilience Strategies for Frontline Communities in the Carolinas

NC State will lead a multi-institutional effort to develop climate resilience solutions in frontline communities in the Carolinas. 

thermometer showing a temperature above 100 degrees fahrenheit

Sep 3, 2020

Record-Setting Rain and Heat? This Is the New Normal

Climate change is no longer a future problem. It is a now problem. 

butterfly resting on dry grass

Sep 2, 2020

Fire and Butterflies: Insights From a Natural Disaster

Human intervention can help rare species survive climate change. 


Aug 25, 2020

Finding Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

For many of us, climate change means more mosquitoes. 

North Carolina map highlighting average temperature anomalies in 2019

Jan 10, 2020

2019: The Warmest Year in N.C. History

It's official: 2019 was North Carolina's warmest year on record. State Climatologist Kathie Dello breaks down what that means. 

The view from Thunder Hill Overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Watauga County.

May 31, 2019

NCICS to Host NOAA Cooperative Institute

The institute will be dedicated to expanding our understanding of the full Earth system and its interactions with human activities. 

Satellite image of cloud clearing

Jul 19, 2018

Rapid Cloud-Clearing Phenomenon Could Provide Another Piece of Climate Puzzle

New NC State research published in Science shows rapid and dramatic clearing of low cloud cover could shed light on how clouds affect Earth’s heating and cooling. 

Oct 20, 2016

Alumnus Martha Shulski Tries to Be Clear About Climate Change

Martha Shulski, the Nebraska state climatologist and an associate professor in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, helps the public understand climate data.