Separating Employees

When an employee is separated from the university, there are several things that need to be done.

Planned separation

In cases in which separation is planned, such as a resignation, RIF or retirement, employees should complete the items on the Departure Checklist. Questions can be directed to

Supervisors should follow standard HR procedures, which will include terminating the employee’s SAR access.


When an employee transfers, the Departure Checklist still applies. However, it may not be appropriate for the employee to delegate email or set a vacation responder in the case of a transfer.

Unplanned or sensitive separation

In cases in which separation is unplanned or sensitive, such as a resignation without notice, immediate termination, IT employee separation, or termination/RIF when there are security or behavioral concerns, supervisors should contact and their local technical support staff as soon as possible for guidance, with as much advance notice as possible. In emergency situations where university data or systems are at risk, contact the Sciences Director of IT directly: Debbie Carraway,, 919-515-5498 or contact OIT Security & Compliance, 919-515-HELP (4357) . Do not put any sensitive or security-related information in email!