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COVID-19: Free internet access

Having trouble with affordable internet access?

It’s a common problem.

Free and low cost broadband internet

The North Carolina Department of Information Technology is providing a comprehensive list of internet and mobile service providers that offer free or low cost Internet service at this time:

You should contact the companies, or look at their websites for COVID-19 response information. Many are offering expanded benefits like free data or international calls.


Lifeline is a program for people participating in many federal programs or who have income at or below 133% of the poverty level. This allows you to get a mobile phone or landline. Mobile plans include data (typically around 3 GB). Right now, most providers are offering more data at no charge.

7/2/20 – corrected URL below for the LifeLine program.

Avoiding disconnection

Most providers have signed the FCC Keep America Connected Pledge stating that providers will waive late fees, will not disconnect service for lack of payment, and provide open public wifi hotspots. Note: If you cannot pay your bill, you must contact your service provider  in order to avoid disconnection or late fees.

Getting a computer

Students and faculty can borrow laptop computers and other devices from the NC State Libraries at no charge. They will ship the computer to you.

Pack Essentials

If you cannot afford internet access you need, please contact the DASA Pack Essentials program. The Student Emergency Fund can help you pay for technology, food, utilities, housing and other critical needs.