Yubikey (U2F) 50% Discount

U2F keys and Discounts

U2F keys are devices that look like a USB stick (flash drive) with a small button. When you are prompted for your second factor, you press the button on the U2F key. If you do not have a cell phone or tablet, or would like a backup device (strongly recommended, especially important if you lose your mobile device or get a new one), a U2F key is an inexpensive way to use 2FA.

You should check with your department to see whether they are providing them. However, in most cases you will need to acquire them yourself. You can buy them online or through the NC State Bookstore.

50% Discount on Yubikey U2F keys


Yubico has contacted us and informed us that the Google Apps for Work promotion was intended to be a one-time offer per domain rather than per user. We will post more information about other discount options if we learn of them.